Facing stage 4 with courage and grace.

August 19, 2015


Breast Cancer really sucks… second to losing someone to this terrible thief, is finding out that Cancer has ramped up it’s challenge in a friends life.

My friend and Grace Goddess Rachell (pictured above) has recently been in the hospital with complications only to find that the bitter thief has snuck into her bones and her liver.  Rachell had only just finished her surgery which has had it’s own set of challenges and before she has even had a chance to catch her breath, is now facing an even greater challenge.  STAGE 4, metastatic breast cancer.

I have no doubt in my mind that Rachell will walk down this new path with courage, beauty and grace.  In her own words: “I always knew this was a possibility due to everything that my cancer was to begin with but was not expecting it this way. But hey………. I got my boobies first lol. And the hair was getting annoying anyway so I’ll be happy to shave that off.  I’m not really scared because I pray for gods will to be done, but I do pray that I do not suffer & ask that you do the same.”

We will pray and send loving thoughts to support Rachell and so many others who are facing this challenge… but we need to do more.  We need to SHOUT into the ears of the researchers, the scientists,  the pharmaceutical companies, the politicians and the breast cancer foundations… STAGE 4, NEEDS MORE!  We have lost enough sweet mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and friends…  So little of the enormous amounts of dollars raised under the banner of a pink ribbon is funneled to stage 4 research and yet 30% of all women affected by breast cancer will have to take up this challenge.


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